Familiar with the moments where you just have to take a minute to stop and say to yourself, “is this real life?!”? Let me just say that I had a couple of those moments from the moment I found out I would be able to be a part of the Next Generation Radio Project! Below is a list including some, but definitely not all, of those euphoric moments (supported by gifs of course).

  1.     Getting a text from Next Generation Radio’s Doug Mitchell while at dinner and nearly choking on my soy nugget then swallowing and doing a happy dance at the table

  1.     Finding out my mentor was Jolie Myers, the FREAKING Supervising Editor of ALL THINGS CONSIDERED!!! Again, a happy dance but this time two of my great friends joined me and expressed their excitement and slight jealousy

  1.     Discussing exciting stories to pursue with Jolie and getting super pumped only to hit a dead end (bittersweet)

  1.     Meeting with all the incredible people I’d be working with while enjoying queso at Kerbey Lane

  1.     Meeting with Dianne Odegard, an absolutely incredible woman, and hearing her heartwarming story  

  1.     Doing yet another happy dance because the interview was incredibly rewarding, AND we got to pet a bat

  1.     Feeling spoiled because I had the chance to be joined in the field by the most talented women (thank you Jolie, Hazel O’Neil and Patrice Mondragon)!

  1.     Feeling like my head would explode (for the best possible reason) because of all I was learning about audio editing such as the importance of ambient noise, breaths, laughs and more

  1.     Feeling elated because the story came along so well

  1.  Geeking out about All Things Considered with Dianne, seeing pictures of Jolie’s dog (MEATLOAF) and sharing cute animal pictures with her as well and freaking out over Hazel’s beautiful illustrations

Anyway, silly gifs aside, I am incredibly grateful to have been able to be a part of this project. I believe that projects like this are vital to students and recent graduates because it allows you to learn more about reporting, gain new skills and in essence grow as a reporter and student. Thank you Doug, Traci, Jolie, Hazel, Patrice, Sean, Lourdes, Marnette and everyone else who was a part of the 2018 Next Generation Radio Project! Till next time!