To say this week challenged me is definitely an understatement. I have experience interviewing, writing articles, and creating audio stories, but having to quickly complete all of these components in one week was difficult especially since I had a hard time finding interviewees that meet the criteria for my topic. However, completing this project has given me even more real world experience than I expected.

Having to quickly develop a story in this timeframe has prepared me to tackle almost any deadline. Despite having a delayed start to interviewing and editing, I no longer view this as a setback. This was a challenge that tested my work ethic and determination, and I’m proud to say I passed!

My favorite part of this experience was interviewing in the field. Most of the multimedia projects I’ve completed, I’ve done by myself. So, being able to work with a team to accomplish different aspects of a story was an enjoyable collaboration. Even more so, interviewing one of the first female tattoo artists in America was a privilege that only so many people have done. I’m so glad this workshop allowed me to expand outside of my typical topics.

Additionally, being able to work with my mentor Jennifer Stayton was definitely a pleasure. Under her guidance, I was able to learn different techniques for approaching and developing a story. As I enter my senior year, I know I still have more to learn about the journalism industry, but I feel more prepared for a professional journalism career. Getting a glimpse into how NPR operates is an experience I’ll cherish forever.

If you want to challenge yourself in a fast paced environment, I highly encourage any student wanting to pursue the journalism field to apply for Next Generation Radio. You won’t regret your decision!